A financial firm is all about integrity and the relationships it has with its clients. At Sobin Financial Group, the primary ongoing goal of the firm is to continually educate, mentor, and grow our clients' financial minds along with their assets. This will assist them in becoming financially complete and successful individuals. Every client receives our weekly and bi-monthly newsletters to help facilitate this ongoing goal. This website was also designed with that goal in mind. 

Founded by Laurence M. Sobin in March of 2002, after being in “the business” since 1989, Sobin Financial Group strives to provide competitive and sound investment, insurance, and business planning advice while utilizing a broad array of products within the financial arena. The personalized service, “hands-on” planning, implementation, education, and review approach is a leader within the financial industry.

Our areas of advice follow:

  • Insurance—Life, Disability, Health, Long-Term Care Ins., Critical Illness Insurance, Medicare Supplement Insurance
  • Investments—Professional Money Management, Mutual Funds, Annuities (Fixed, Indexed, Variable)
  • Financial Planning—Retirement, Income Planning, Estate, College Education, Business Succession
  • IRA’s, 401(k)’s, Wealth Mgmt., Deferred Compensation Plans

At Sobin Financial Group, our investment philosophy is based on Modern Portfolio Theory. Hence, we determine an individual's risk tolerance. A strategic asset allocation is then created based on the individual's risk level, which will create the opportunity for the most desired possible return for that given level of risk. This is known as the "Efficient Frontier," and is where we strive to keep our clients assets positioned consistently over time. Please note that asset allocation and diversification do not guarantee against loss; they are methods used to help manage risk. Based on an individual's risk tolerance and goals, we also have the ability to introduce a tactical and / or rotational strategy into the investment portfolio to further increase diversification.